Message from Founder

Dear Eco-Travellers,

I am Hoa, Founder & CEO of Asia Ecolodge. After accompanying a trekking group for 11 days in Cao Bang province, Vietnam, I embarked on a journey in search of new horizons. I was delighted by the prospect of a nature-based business opportunity in which I could practice conservation and sustainability and, perhaps just as importantly, merge the extensive hospitality expertise of our general director, Miss Nhi, with my own passion for responsible travel.

Mai Chau Ecolodge was born from our vision of creating a complete ecotourism experience. It was built in 2012, with the mission to excel as an ecolodge by providing a unique experience in hospitality, interpretation, conservation with local community participation and leadership development.

The majority of our staff in Mai Chau Ecolodge is Thai ethnic local and since its beginning in 2014, their families were lifted out of poverty through our capacity building and training programs, and various business opportunities that were created. Do speak to our staff, and learn about their culture. They may be a bit shy and their English are not perfect, but they are very charming.

As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility,  please read our in-house Green Policies and more information about Mai Chau Ecolodge to help you in planning a memorable holiday and get the most out of your stay.

We thank you all for your faith in us and your continuous support in our effort to lift these people out of poverty while helping to protect this little part of paradise on earth. I hope you have a wonderful stay with us at Mai Chau Ecolodge and enjoy all of the natural marvels this incredible area has on offer.

With Deep Love and Gratitude, 

Your Brother,

15 Years’ Experience

Asia Ecolodge began its steps into the world of Vietnamese travel in the early 2000s, with a vision to bring the green of our country to the world beyond. Our mission from the start has been a symbiotic relationship of travel and environment, where both are positively affected by each other and both provide an open door to a revolution in Vietnam’s eco-mindedness.

Our company was originally a travel agent for eco-based activity tours before our first expedition into eco-friendly accommodation in Vietnam – Mai Chau Ecolodge. This vision became reality in 2012 and has been hugely successful, sitting amongst the top-rated eco-accommodationsthroughout Vietnam and encouraging us to share our mission with the world. Our follow-up venture, Can Tho Ecolodge, is due to open in July 2019 and is set to carry the proud Asia Ecolodge brand into the luxuriant Mekong Delta.

Philosophy and Mission

Everything we do at Asia Ecolodge is in accordance with our 4 values. No new policy is applied at our properties without ensuring there will be no ramifications for the environment, and that local people will be able to benefit from our operations.

ü     Closeness to Nature – There are two ways that Mai Chau Ecolodge ensures that its guests are as close to nature as possible. The first is in a geological sense; our location on a private hill in Na Phon village allows for magnificent panoramas of Mai Chau’s rolling sea of green rice paddies, forests and tree-topped mountains blooming around us. We also ensure that our immediate surroundings are constructed of sustainable materials, bringing our guests a closeness to nature on a spiritual basis. The bamboo, stone, wood and palm leaf that we use throughout Mai Chau Ecolodge are sourced from the nature in our vicinityand in a manner unaffecting the environment. 

ü     Environmental Protection – The use of materials from sustainable sources is just one way in which we look after our own back garden. Clean energy is one of the cornerstones of our brand and something that we passionately engage in through solar power, natural water and biomass energy extracted from rice husks. Our disposal of wastewater is also 100% harmless; we ensure that organic water is safe to return to the environment and that inorganic water, like those containing detergents and other mild chemicals, are run through a multi-layer treatment facility before release. 

ü     Cultural Preservation – Mai Chau is a bastion for Vietnam’s exceptional minority culture, containing multiple tribes that comprise some of the country’s 54 ethnic groups. The most prominent of these in Mai Chau is the Thai, who have their culture featured heavily through our ecolodge in the shape of stilt houses and colourful, elaborate brocades. All of our staff are employed from local villages and wear the uniform of the minority group to which they belong, helping guests to learn more about the differences between their traditions. The Panorama Bar becomes a stage for these beautiful tribal customs each evening, when a traditional live show of dance and music brings liveliness to Mai Chau’s night-time stillness. 

ü     Responsible Tourism – Responsible tourism is the spearhead of our commitment to Mai Chau and its inhabitants. It encompasses everything that we do in search of a more guilt-free tourism focussed on people and landscape. The hospitality staff of our responsible accommodation in northern Vietnam are 100% local and their villages benefit from the portion of our profits that we donate to education and poverty assistance. Through cultural shows and a small display corner, we aim to enlighten guests about the traditions of our minority neighbours, while regular clean-up days ensure that their homeland remains litter-free and full of trees.

Our team

Nguyen Hang
Reservation Officer

I am responsible for the group follow-ups, reservations, sales contracts, rooming lists and all the details of your group guestroom bookings. I communicate pertinent information to all department of the Ecolodge to ensure your stay is a success.

Trinh Thu Huyen
Director of Sales and Marketing
Hello. I am every happy when you visit our Website and our Team.  I have had over 10 years working in Tourism and Hospitality industry. I am proud of  being a member of Asia Ecolodge in general, and of Mai Chau Ecolodge in pariticular. I wish all of our guests will be statisfied  with our services. Come to us and you will have a hoiday more than expectation.  Are you ready ? Pack your luggage now.
Luong Thuy Duong
Sales Executive

Hi! My name is Luong Thuy Duong. The passion for travelling made me decide to choose travel industry for my job. And until now I have worked as an online sale executive over 4 years.  I love my job which provides me opportunities to share my experience and knowledge about my beauty country to many great customers from all over the world as well as learn about different cultures and cuisines from them. Please don’t hesitate to contact me any time if you would like to discover the wonder of Mai Chau Valley.

Thu Huyen
Marketing Excutive

Xin chào/ Bonjour/ Hi, Huyen is my name. I have travelled since i  was a little girl, i have greatest passion for  travel. I am very  proud to be born in Vietnam, a safe destination, a country with many children, a country of friendly local people, a country of beautiful  wonders.... If  you want to discover the highlights  of our pristine Mai Chau valley, WE are right here to guide you.