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05 souvenirs to buy in Mai Chau

9/10/2021 11:07:59 AM
Mai Chau is a beautiful land with a rich cultural values of Thai people. A small souvenir of Mai Chau will make the memories of your trip last forever. Here is a list of 05 souvenir / gifts you ...

Traditional Thai house – an unique design

9/9/2021 11:11:57 AM
For those who are passionate about the beauty of architecture, the traditional Thai houses is a sign of wisdom and identity of Thais. The stilt house of the Thai people contains the philosophies of ...

Thai people in Southeast Asia: Origin & Spread

9/8/2021 3:33:04 PM
The Thai people have a fate full of ups and downs and are also the most interesting in the flow of human history. From a small country in the mountains of southern China, the Thai people have spread ...

Travel guide to Mai Chau (full package)

9/4/2021 3:45:41 PM
Located in Northwest Vietnam, Mai Chau valley converges all the necessary elements to become an ideal travel destination: cool and temperate climate, poetic natural scenery, friendly local people and ...

10 must-visit place in Mai Chau

8/31/2021 4:52:02 PM
Mai Chau is always peaceful and beautiful. A place to get you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in nature of mountains and forests. Mai Chau is a place to enjoy ...

10 must-try dishes in Mai Chau

8/31/2021 10:53:17 AM
  Mai Chau valley is blessed with fertile soil and rich flora and fauna. This is a great source of ingredients for the daily meal of the White Thai ethnic group, who have lived long in Mai ...

How to move in Mai Chau trip?

8/30/2021 5:23:18 PM
Mai Chau is a typical Northwest mountainous country town with stilt houses hidden among the mountains and far away, there are green rice fields of Thai ethnic people. Mai Chau valley is not too large ...

The distinctive Thai cuisine in Vietnam

8/30/2021 5:15:00 PM
The Thai ethnic group in Vietnam are extremely skillful, talented and interesting people. They are not only famous for their agricultural skills, brocade weaving or unique poetry, Thai people in the ...

Responsible Travel: 05 Experience you can try

3/24/2021 10:36:24 AM
So, you want to try your first experience at an Ecolodge? Welcome to the future of travel! Ecolodges are soaring in popularity thanks to their green-minded approach to the environment and their ...

05 Best Mountain Areas in Vietnam

4/19/2020 8:28:54 PM
In one of Vietnam’s top mountainous regions, Mai Chau Ecolodge stands in perfect stillness. A mere 3-hour drive from Hanoi will bring you to the glorious Mai Chau valley, where life operates at ...

Mai Chau Ecolodge attend ITB Berlin from 4 to 8 March, 2020

2/18/2020 7:06:22 PM

Mai Chau Ecolodge will attend ITB Berlin – the World's Leading Travel Trade Show which the international tourism industry looks forward to every year in March


Meet our Vietnamese Eco-accommodation at WTM London 2019

2/18/2020 12:53:45 AM
Mai Chau Ecolodge will be at stand AS560 at the World Travel Market in London, which exhibits the best of accommodation, tours and destinations in 2019. At the 3-day market, we will be connecting ...

Taking Time Out At The Mai Chau Ecolodge: Vietnam

2/18/2020 12:20:10 AM
With a somewhat limited accommodation offering in this area,  the Mai Chau Ecolodge would be the best option for a comfortable stay.  There are home stay options available if this suits ...

04 Ways to get to Mai Chau from Hanoi

2/17/2020 10:58:55 PM
The emerald valley of Mai Chau is located in the northwest of Vietnam. It crowns the beautiful province of Hoa Binh, which is also home to parts of Cuc Phuong National Park, Pu Luong Nature Reserve ...

05 Best Nature Escape from Hanoi

2/17/2020 6:42:42 PM
Between traffic nightmares, smog inhalation and the perennial soundtrack of construction work, Hanoi can indeed seem like a bit much at times. Luckily, the position of the capital in northern Vietnam ...

09 Reasons to Love Mai Chau

2/17/2020 6:06:41 PM
When the sun hits the lush greenery of Mai Chau, most visitors feel like they’ve walked into one of Vietnam’s most perfect scenes. It’s not hard to see why: swaying rice paddies and ...

Travel Guide to Lac Village, Mai Chau

2/14/2020 9:08:16 PM
Lac village in Mai Chau district of Hoa Binh province. It's become a great destination for anyone seeking tranquility away from urban luxuries. Here the atmosphere is rich, culture is more and ...

Meet us at WTM London 2018

2/14/2020 8:46:47 PM

Asia Ecolodge will be attending the World Travel Market exhibition in London from 5 - 7 Nov 2018. With more than 15 years of experience in the Ecotourism industry, we have a lot to share!


Ecolodge: A New Direction for Tourism

2/14/2020 8:35:39 PM

Have you ever heard of an Ecolodge? Surely, you are curious. What is an Ecolodge?


Environmental Photo Contest 2018

2/14/2020 8:07:00 PM
To encourage a lifestyle without single-use plastic products which in turn can help reduce the plastic waste output significantly Mai Chau Ecolodge proudly invite you all to join our Environmental ...

Expat Escape: Ecotourism and Hanoi

2/14/2020 7:15:01 PM

Mai Chau Ecolodge invites you to experience one of the wonders of Vietnam in a responsible fashion that is closer to nature and local communities than ever before.


An ancient seductive dance in the deep woods

2/14/2020 7:05:15 PM
‘Without xòe there is no fun, rice yields no crop, maize shoots, no corn, girls and boys don’t make couples.’ Those are the words of an ancient song that Thai people sing to ...

The New Year festival of the Mong in Pa Co, Mai Chau

2/14/2020 6:56:00 PM
The Pa Co village - where the blue Hmong lives - is located on the high cliff slopes of Pa Co commune, Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province. In the winter, the fog covers all over their houses which ...

A world away from Hanoi's hustle

2/14/2020 6:52:16 PM

Mai Chau - is a small town in an area situated in an idyllic valley. It is surrounded by hills and a world away from Hanoi's hustle (135 km). The small town of Mai Chau itself is unattractive.


Mai Chau in Vietnam - Green valley of Thai people

2/14/2020 6:41:38 PM

In Ha Noi, if you only have 2 weekend days, Mai Chau is the perfect choice for a journey back to nature and to indulge in the sights and scents of Northern rice fields.


Staying at Mai Chau Ecolodge in Vietnam

2/14/2020 6:06:56 PM
Mai Chau Ecolodge is a must-visit accommodation during a holiday in Vietnam. This hotel is a magnificent eco-tourism project, built entirely from natural materials. Also the Mai Chau area where ...

Escaping the big smoke: Where to go this weekend if you’re in Hanoi!

2/13/2020 6:16:03 PM
If you really want a little piece of luxury, why not check into somewhere like the Mai Chau Eco Lodge? On it’s own private hill in Na Phon village, the lodge consists of 19 bungalows and is ...

Taking Time Out At The Mai Chau Ecolodge: Vietnam

2/13/2020 2:36:16 AM
Vietnam is a relatively flat country, with only a few regions boasting mountains. On a trip that has so far seen the smog of the city, the fierceness of an ocean being swept up by a typhoon thousands ...

Mai Chau Ecolodge - Marvellous Place

2/13/2020 2:14:27 AM
The Mai Chau region lies in a bowl encircled by vast mountains, creating a stunning contrast when matched with the open farmland below. Workers in Vietnamese hats can be seen toiling in the fields ...

Shuttle bus from Hanoi to Mai Chau

2/11/2020 11:43:48 PM

The Shuttle Bus runs daily directly to Mai Chau that drop off in town depart from Hanoi Old Quarter at 8AM and Direct buses back to Hanoi depart from Mai Chau Ecolodge at 2PM.


Tet Holiday of Thai people in Mai Chau Valley

2/11/2020 11:31:52 PM

For those looking for a place to go during Tet holidays: "Tet Holiday of Thai people in Mai Chau Valley"


Pung Waterfall – A magnificent waterfall in Mai Chau

2/11/2020 11:26:41 PM
Pung waterfall is located in Pieng Ve hamlet, Mai Chau province which is about 25km from Mai Chau Ecolodge. This is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Mai Chau that attracts a large ...

Seasons of Christmas and New year in Mai Chau Ecolodge

2/11/2020 11:22:52 PM
There is no better than gathering and reuniting with family and friends to memorize loved moments when Christmas season backs on. Mai Chau Ecolodge is very great to help you share unforgettable ...

Celebrating World Responsible Tourism Day 2015

2/11/2020 8:28:38 PM

In action to honor World Responsible Tourism Day 4/11/2015, we hold an Eco-day by buying plants and placing them in and outside our Ecolodge.


Efforts to improve working skills for staff at Mai Chau Ecolodge

2/11/2020 6:12:53 PM

Prof.Mark Morgan- a specialist of nature and adventure travel in America to ask for his support to teach Mai Chau’staff in working skills and ...


Preservation and developing the treasures of Thai folk songs

2/11/2020 6:05:48 PM
Local culture plays an important part in both architecture and operation of Mai Chau Ecolodge. It meets the need of tasting traditional culture of tourists as well as keeping and boasting local ...

The first destination for MICE Tourism in Mai Chau

2/10/2020 11:32:11 PM

When you prepare for an event or a special program, the most important thing is to choose the right one for organizing.


Training and development of foreign language skills for each member of MCE

2/10/2020 2:25:52 AM

Its efficiency depends greatly on the style, communication attitude and professional qualifications of staffs.


Vegetable garden

2/10/2020 2:16:35 AM

Mai Chau Ecolodge hopes to own a green and cool garden with the pleasant fragrance and this is also regarded as a practical action towards the ...


Workshop: Responsible Travel for Tour Operators 2014

2/10/2020 2:03:27 AM
With support from destination host Mai Chau Eco Lodge, RTC 2-day workshop on "Responsible Tourism Practices for Travel Agencies" from 12-13 July 2014 has archieved great success with lots ...

Stunning Pa Co

2/10/2020 1:57:47 AM
Pa Co, some 40 km from Mai Chau, in the northern province of Hoa Binh, has a wild beauty with lovely landscapes. In early mornings, the hilly road to Pa Co is shrouded in mist. Cloud, mountain and ...

Journey diary to bring laughter to Na Nieng Village – Cao Bang (01/2015)

2/10/2020 1:45:29 AM

The volunteer team actually had the invaluable experiences with the highland people and the more difficult lives than ones in the city; had the ...


The female volleyball friendly match between MCE and the women's team of Tong hamlet

2/10/2020 1:38:41 AM

On the occasion of the At Mui Lunar New Year in 2015, along with the initial orientation of the ethnic cultural identity preservation according to ...


Training in Firefighting - Fire Prevention

2/10/2020 1:33:35 AM
To make the good implementation of Firefighting – Fire Preventionin Ecolodge and enhance the awareness, role and responsibility of Firefighting – Fire Prevention for each employee, on ...

A romantic Valentine day on Mai Chau Valley

2/10/2020 1:26:42 AM

Coming to Mai Chau on Valentine day (14/2), young people will have a lot of choices with the romantic landscapes that adds sweet flavor in your love...


MICE Tour: “Relax to touch more success”

2/10/2020 1:22:13 AM
Team building is an indispensable activity in the picnics or tours of the groups now. Team building helps strengthen the solidarity, builds the teammate relationship more closely, helps the emotional ...

Village of cheerful laughter - 01/2015

2/10/2020 1:08:49 AM
Following the tradition “the good leaves protect the worn out leaves” annually held by Mai Chau Ecolodge coordinated with Asiatica Foundation, in January 2015, MCE will organize a ...

Coming to Mai Chau Ecolodge to enjoy the unique market of H’Mong ethnic people

12/11/2019 2:36:18 AM

H’Mong people in Mai Chau highland eagerly gather in the market when the fog still covers the whole Mai Chau forests and mountains. Pa Co Market ...


An interesting Mai Chau at the end of the year

12/11/2019 2:26:48 AM

Maybe you are worried about your happiness or you have not found an ideal place to enjoy your romantic honeymoon, Mai Chau is your fantastic choice.


Mai Chau Ecolodge has officially become a member of Ecoclub

12/11/2019 2:17:13 AM

Mai Chau Ecolodge officially became a member of This is a step emphasizing the development and expansion strategy of the scope of Mai ...


The World Travel Market (WTM) - London

12/11/2019 2:06:50 AM

It is true that Mai Chau Ecolodge created attraction to both holiday makers and any traveler crossed by, who has intention to come to Vietnam.


Mai Chau Ecolodge coordinates to implement the project “Building School For Pupils”

12/11/2019 2:01:45 AM

Mai Chau Ecolodge coordinates to implement the project “Building School For Pupils”. The time of expectation when dreams come true ...


Press Release - The 1st Photo Contest "Mai Chau Beauty" 2014

12/11/2019 1:53:04 AM

After Board of examiners worked and discussed with the organization committeein an equal and serious manner, we chose 03 photos for First prize - ...


Eco Cup - a fully meaningful activity

12/11/2019 1:05:20 AM

 A friendly match to strengthen friendship and highlight the local culture - Mai Chau Ecolodge


Mai Chau Ecolodge Photo Contest 2014

12/11/2019 12:16:14 AM

This photo contest is organized by Mai Chau Ecolodge, the luxury Eco-accommodation in Vietnam


Mai Chau Ecolodge attended Top Resa exhibition in France

12/10/2019 11:59:09 PM

Mai Chau Ecolodge had participated in International French Travel Market “Top Resa 2014”, which took place in Paris, France from 23rd - 26th ...


Immerse in nature with Mai Chau Ecolodge

12/10/2019 11:24:55 PM

Located away from the noisy town, the Ecolodge embracing all Pom Pu Hill is the new stopover for the tourists who love the fresh and quiet natural ...


Opening Mai Chau Ecolodge - the luxurious Eco-accommodation in Mai Chau

12/10/2019 11:03:07 PM

Mai Chau Ecolodge has opened Mai Chau Ecolodge located in Pom Pu hill, Na Phon Commune, Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province.


Mai Chau Ecolodge – success from passion

12/10/2019 10:45:53 PM

Mr. Nguyen Manh Hoa – Chairman of Emotion Vietnam Group, has worked in tourism industry for over ten years with a series of travel agencies, hotel ...


Getting amazed among Pom Pu Hill

12/10/2019 8:57:43 PM

In spite of being a small valley, Mai Chau brings you no ends of exciting things to explore. You can visit Pom Pu Hill to enjoy the fresh air of this small valley.


Mai Chau's non television awesome trip

12/10/2019 8:43:46 PM
Taking a trip to Mai Chau (Hoa Binh) by a homestay tour in a mountain village such as Lac, Pom Coong or Van, tourists will soon immerse themselves into a beautiful dreamland and discover the unique ...