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Getting amazed among Pom Pu Hill

In spite of being a small valley, Mai Chau brings you no ends of exciting things to explore. You can visit Pom Pu Hill to enjoy the fresh air of this small valley.

To reach to Mai Chau from Hanoi, you will cross Thung Khe Pass, a place with small roadside markets of Muong ethnic people, selling all the products of local people. The landscape of Thung Khe is so spectacular with mountains in one side and abysses in another side. It’s said that this land is full of clouds.

The road from Mai Chau Town to Pom Pu Hill is like a strip of silk among the green of paddy fields and the bright yellow of fruits

This pass is not majestic like O Quy Ho in Lao Cai, not high and dangerous like Ma Pi Leng in Ha Giang but it hides dozens of unpredicted dangers to any motorcyclists or drivers. It’s about 15km from Thung Khe Pass to Pom Pu Hill located in Mai Chau Valley.
The road from Mai Chau Town to Pom Pu Hill is like a strip of silk among the green of paddy fields and the bright yellow of fruits.
From the high pass, to sightsee Mai Chau valley, tourists immediately love to set foot on the villages. The streams flowing through the villages make the landscape more smooth and romantic.

Pom Pu Hill looms in fog every morning

You can have a panorama of the valleys with the images of the farmers stooping in the paddy fields from Pom Pu Hill.
Now, Pom Pu Hill is invested with the model of Ecolodge, “We, who serve for tourism define that Ecolodge must include four basic factors that are close to nature, friendly to environment, cultural conservation and sustainable development”.- Mr. Nguyen Quang Huy, Maketting Manager of Mai Chau Ecolodge said.
If you love learning and exploring the local culture, your great choice is to experience the life in the houses on stilts when coming to Mai Chau. However, if you do not really like the rustic lifestyle in the houses on stilts, now you can experience with the resorts of Mai Chau.

Pom Pu Hill is like an ancient Thai village with palm roofs and houses on stilts with luxuriant trees. Today, Pom Pu Hill is considered a highlight of Mai Chau picture

Anyone who ever come to Mai Chau and Pom Pu Hill cannot forget the happy songs from bamboo pole dance, “xoe” dance of Thai boys and girls that make us feel excited. Unlike some other resorts in Vietnam, a special remarkable thing in Mai Chau is its friendliness. There have no confusions when welcoming tourists coming here. This is also a rare feature of this cloudy valley that nowhere owns.

The natural picture of Mai Chau is drawn up among the majesty of mountains andthe wonderful thing hiding behind it is the rustic and peaceful beauty.

Especially, most of families in Mai Chau have a loom to weave cloth in the space under the floor. These looms are simple, rustic and old but the tools to weave coats and colorful brocade scarves by the skillful hands of the Thai girls.

Each house is circled by the straight rows of areca, the small square ponds full of fishes during all the seasons that makes the life here more lively

If you get to Mai Chau at weekends, the Thai market is an interesting destination. This market focuses on not only many agricultural products but also many items and brocade products.

The Thai cuisine in Mai Chau expresses a harmonious combination and mixture with the souls of the mountains, rivers, forests and simple and sincere people. The Thai cuisine culture brings a separate philosophical source that always lives with the time.

It’s too enough for a trip to explore the nature and culture only.

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