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Village of cheerful laughter - 01/2015

Following the tradition “the good leaves protect the worn out leaves” annually held by Mai Chau Ecolodge coordinated with Asiatica Foundation, in January 2015, MCE will organize a volunteer trip in Na Nieng Hamlet, Le Loi Commune, Cao Bang Province.

Located about 260 km from Hanoi, Na Nieng Hamlet is the residence of 68 Tay and Nung households, of which 30 households in the area of difficult conditions. People here live mainly based on cultivation, growing maize and collecting firewood. The lives of people here are extremely poor in both physical and mental aspects.
A corner of Na Nieng Village
With the activity named "Village of cheerful laughter", as a member of the Foundation Asiatica, the voluntary team of MCE not only wants to share with people here the warm coats and fragrant rice but also has the opportunity to share the joy through public cinema activities. Although our small behaviors will not help people quickly reduce the difficulties in their daily life, we hope to bring people warm laughter in the cold winter days.
Ms. Hoa Ian – Share the joy, the gifts and songs connect people together
Expected itinerary:
1st day: 23/01/2015: Hanoi - Na Nieng
- Depart from Hanoi to Cao Bang. Reach to Na Nieng Village in the late afternoon. Meet people here and stay overnight at resident home in Na Nieng Hamlet. The team self-supports meals

2nd day: 24/01/2015: Na Nieng
- Carry out voluntary activities in Na Nieng Hamlet as follows:
  • Give gifts for 30 difficult households. Each gift is worth 250.000 VND including: a box of noodles, 1 kilo of sugar, 1 kilo of salt, iodine, 2 pairs of big boots, 1 pair of small boots, clothes.
  • Combine with the Woman Union to propagandize the role of iodised salt
  • Visit and give gifts for 3 lonely elderly people
  • Screening films in the cultural house of the hamlet. The first turn at 4 o’clock in the afternoon for children (cartoon) .The second turn in the evening for people in the village.
- Stay overnight at resident home in Na Nieng Hamlet
3rd day: 25/01/2015: Na Nieng - Cao Bang - Hanoi
- Have breakfast at resident home. Say “goodbye” to people here and come back to Hanoi.
The life of people here has met dozens of difficulties and shortages
To register to participate this program, please send registration mail to:

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