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Author: news 2/11/2020 6:05:48 PM

Preservation and developing the treasures of Thai folk songs

Local culture plays an important part in both architecture and operation of Mai Chau Ecolodge. It meets the need of tasting traditional culture of tourists as well as keeping and boasting local culture.

In the past times, public cultural program at Na Thia, Na Phon where Mai Chau Ecolodge is located, has had a steady development, step by step satisfy the demand of guests. They contribute to preserving and developing distinctive culture of ethnic groups here.
Performance team has from 15- 20 persons, right staffs of Mai Chau Ecolodge. The team plays an important role in keeping and boasting folk song, folk dances, etc. Members in team prepare clothes and music instruments by themselves to practice and perform. They have a deep knowledge of old folk songs of Muong, Thai, Dao people.
After many hours of hard working at Mai Chau Ecolodge, with a great passion of traditional folk song, amateur actors and musicians have taken their big effort to exist, preserve and develop traditional cuture.

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