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Author: news 9/10/2021 11:07:59 AM

05 souvenirs to buy in Mai Chau

Mai Chau is a beautiful land with a rich cultural values of Thai people. A small souvenir of Mai Chau will make the memories of your trip last forever. Here is a list of 05 souvenir / gifts you should buy when traveling to Mai Chau.

1. Rice wine


Mai Ha is the name of a commune in Mai Chau district that is famous for a delicious rice wine. The main ingredients are herbs and fruits are found by Mai Ha people in the forest. The ingredients after being earned will be washed, dried and then pounded, mixed with rice flour and tapioca to form yeast. After that, yeast is used to make wine rice with a completely traditional manual process of the Thai people. Mai Ha wine is a strong alcohol like Vodka and helps you have sublime moments in parties or cold days. Don't forget to add some Mai Ha wine to your wine collection.

2. Herbal tea



Herbal tea from forest trees is a special drink only in Mai Chau, made from leaves in the forest. This is a completely natural nutritious leaf that is very good for health. People will pick the leaves from the forest, dry them, cut them into small pieces, and then pack them into tea bag. Herbal tea has an acrid taste and a grassy smell. This is a type of drinking that is both good for the digestive system and helps to improve the human body's resistance no less than green tea or coffee.

3. Purple garlic


Purple garlic is a type of garlic with purple skin, strong aroma and pungent flavor. This garlic is not only a famous spice in Asian countries, but also has the effect of stimulating breathing, treating diseases of the bronchi and lungs. Besides, purple garlic also helps treat fatty liver disease, hypertension. Buy some garlic to cook at home, especially Asian or Mexican dishes.

4. Mai Chau Rice



Mai Chau is famous for the special rice varieties of the White Thai people, grown in the mountainous land, bringing delicious taste and firmness to the rice grains. Don’t forget to buy a bag of rice to make delicious Italian risotto at home.

5. Thai brocade



For those of you who love home decorating or fashion lover, brocade accessories woven by Thai women are an interesting gift. A carefully woven scarf, shirt or bag with the vibrant colors of the mountains and forests will make you more chic. In particular, scarves and bags are meticulously hand-woven by the ladies in Mai Chau. Each product is unique. Fabric puppets or toy, umbrellas are also very suitable for home decoration.

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