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Author: news 2/11/2020 7:54:10 PM

Brocade in Mai Chau

Coming to Lac Village (Mai Chau, Hoa Binh), you will not only enjoy a fresh and airy space, get immersed yourself into a stunning scenery but also admire or buy brocade skirts, bags, scarfs full of vivid patterns.

Mai Chau Brocade has been a dispensable subculture of White Thai people for many years. Image of a White Thai shy girl in traditional costume with talented hands weaving can hold the footsteps of anyone. Mai Chau brocade honors the beauty of White Thai woman through their traditional costume: white head scarf, long skirt, colorful waistband. 
 Weaving is not an easy work. To get one kilogram of filament, White Thai women have reeled three kilograms of cocoon and it takes one day to finish. The price is 600.000 VNĐ for one kilogram of silk. This handicraft brings a stable income for people in Mai Chau.
At the present, weaving is still alive and thriving. It is an important criteria to appreciate virtues of a White Thai girl. Brocade not only demonstrates the ingenuity of talented Thai woman but also to express dream and passion. Therefore brocade is a symbol of soul, an indispensable cultural beauty of White Thai people in Mai Chau.
Mai Chau girl in woven fabric dance
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