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Coming to Mai Chau Ecolodge to enjoy the unique market of H’Mong ethnic people

Mai Chau is one of the most beautiful valleys located not too far from Hanoi. Coming here, you can pay a visit to traditional houses, nice villages of Thai people, one of 54 ethnic minorities of Vietnam. I’m sure that spending a little time on walking along the quiet roads, meeting and searching about the local people, exploring the market in the Sunday morning, and something like are interesting activities that will make you feel curious.

If last night, you spent all your time on enjoying the fresh and peaceful atmosphere in Thai’s architecture in Mai Chau Ecolodge with impressive room decoration designs, Thai dances, local food, sipping a little bit Can wine and immersing in the traditional dances, on the next day, it will take you only 30 minutes to reach to Pa Co Market of H’Mong people, an attractive highland market of the Northwest mountainous area.

Pa Co is located about 30 km from Mai Chau town from the North. H’Mong people in Mai Chau highland eagerly gather in the market when the fog still covers the whole Mai Chau forests and mountains. Pa Co Market holds every Sunday. It not only attracts the local people to exchange goods but it is also a place for friends, couples to meet together. This market has become unique by its separate cultural beauties with many ethnic features.

Like many other highland markets, Pa Co Market is an epitome of community life of the mountainous ethnic people. As a result, there is a variety of products that people here sell in the market, sometimes they are a pig, a cow, or even a chicken, some papers or handmade items, or the most popularly, the colorful brocade stalls as a result of the hard working process and diligence of the highland people, a place with a lot of difficulties and harsh nature.

If in Mai Chau Ecolodge, you can get opportunities to enjoy the traditional dances held every night on Panorama Bar in a quiet and fresh atmosphere, you will experience with noisy and exciting atmosphere in Pa Co Market reflecting the breath of life and the original culture of the Hmong.

Going around to mix with the cheerful air of Pa Co Market, we really feel its hidden beauty. That is not the panache or sophistication but the simplicity and rusticity among the local people’s fully emotional sights.

Due to the advantages of transport, it leads to a variety of commodities in the market. For this reason, the ethnic people’s material and spiritual life has been increasingly improved. The most respectful thing is that Pa Co Market still maintained the community activities and cultural features of the traditional markets in the highland. Therefore, Pa Co Market has become an attractive destination of both domestic and foreign tourists who would love to learn about the uniqueness and tradition of this attractive highland market of the Northwest.

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Source: Hanoi Grapevine
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