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Author: news 2/11/2020 6:52:34 PM

Colors of Mai Chau Valley

Mai Chau stands out on the blue sky and among the spectacular sceneries. Beneath soaring mountains, hidden a poetic valley which can captivate so many hearts of those who has ever set foot or even hear through the story by its peace and tranquility.

Mai Chau Valley from the Pass Thung Khe about 130km from Hanoi

Mai Chau formerly was called Muong Mai in the thirteenth century. Under the Tran Dynasty, Muong Mai belonged to Da Giang village, Gia Hung distric, Tan Hoa province. Under the reign of Nguyen, Mai Chau covered Bach Mai district and Thanh Mai district. Mai Chau today is home to White Thai people with its specific culture. Two famous tourist destinations are Poom Cong & Lac villages.

This is an ideal destination for community- based tourism in the Northwest Vietnam. Local people take part in the tourism field and get benefits. Not bustling and splendid getaway, Mai Chau indulges people its rustic and tranquil beauty that is not easy to forget.

To Mai Chau, visitors can get immersed in the cultural space of Thais with colorful brocade dresses, sweet melody, thrilling music or passionate dance with locals until you sweat. Mai Chau also offers you a chance to enjoy dedicated dishes or witness a Thai woman weaving her ethnic fabric. Visitors can buy as souvenirs for family or hire costumes of ethnic minorities to take photos to memorize unforgettable moments.

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