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Author: news 2/10/2020 11:26:47 PM

Fragrance of Mai Chau

Only a 3- hour drive with the route of 130km from Hanoi, Mai Chau with peaceful space, fresh air has become an ideal getaway to unwind all stress and sizzling summer days in bustling city. Mai Chau suits all individuals like lovers, family or students, etc., especially for newly married couples. Zankyou, a famous French magazine ranked Mai Chau as one of the top 10 ideal destinations for honeymooners. 

Mai Chau will make you astonished by its changeably mild beauty through every season of the year. In summer, Mother Nature covers the land with the beautiful wild flowers together pure smells from lotus lakes scattered in the villages. The immature taste of rice along cycling trails reminds of our childhood. Under the brilliant sunset, the lush paddy fields seem to be overgilded by sunlights fading away behind the blue mountain. At night, gathering around a home-made wine bottle, tourists seem to be immersed in the deep melody of colorful Thai dance together with thrilling bullhorn and drum voice as an unchangeable habit for many generations.

Recently, Mai Chau has seen a sharp rise in the number of international travelers thanks to its orientation in developing ecotourism. It is known as close to nature, environmental protection, cultural and sustainable tourism. Accordingly, Mai Chau is gradually becoming a fragrant flower on Vietnam tourist map. Many visitors speak mouth to mouth about a resort situated on a small hill, surrounded by traditional Thai stilts house with special palm tree roof. They image that it is a village of indigenous architecture characterize by Lang Mandarin’s house in the center and others around. Inside is an ecological green heaven with charming bungalows overlooking the valley, modern pool on mountain, paved walkway and local trees. There is a perfect harmony between people and nature in Mai Chau Ecolodge.

To experience the culture and lifestyle, to indulge in nature and to enjoy exploring the land of Mai Chau are amazing things that everyone wants to spend one in a lifetime. So, have you been ready for the journey to explore the Mai Chau, a beautiful flower of Muong land?

In the series of activities toward the 01 year old birthday, gratitude to customers and welcome the 2015 summer, Mai Chau Ecolodge offers a dedicated promotional room rates for customers staying in Mai Chau Ecolodge, in the period from now to 08/30/2015.

Accordingly, only with the budget of 1,115,000VND ++ per customer can book 1 Superior Room with full services such as: complimentary Thai music and dance show after dinner, free use of bicycles, free use its swimming pool, free use of the internet (WIFI) ... and many other facilities. Moreover, Mai Chau Ecolodge designs trekking tour to explore Mai Chau, you can contact the following information for more details by email:, or by phone: (04) 6275 1271

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