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Where to stay in Mai Chau?

The day we travelled to Mai chau was a sunny autumn day. This year, our company’s team-building activities was hold in Maichau Ecolodge and everybody was so excited. Since the moments we first saw pictures of Maichau Ecolodge, we deeply fell in love with this place’s scenery and everything about it. (To me, this lodge reminds me a lot about Topas Ecolodge in Sapa, and yes, I do miss the days we were in Topas)

Mai Chau Ecolodge at a glance

The pool in early morning with lots of foggy surrounded

The view

Maichau Ecolodge is slightly elevated from the rice paddy fields, and it was surrounded by beautiful green mountains of Maichau valleys. The lodge itself is just magnificent, our room(214) isn’t too big but well-designed, comfortable and spacious with a huge wooden bathtub, private outdoor shower and even a private right besides the room’s under stairs viewing through the rice fields (Trust me, the view was really awesome).

The warmly welcome

Vietnamese style bedroom

The dinner view

The second day, after having a good sleep, we woke up early, filled up with buffet style breakfast and then found ourself a lovely way to experience another element of Maichau by biking around the local villages. The lodge provided bicycles for all the guests and we used that oportunity exploring the village, seeing the amazing landscape, buying some good foods and local handmade’s crafts in local center market. (If you guys have time, you could bike to the moutains nearby the lodge and then start your trekking there.) The feeling was so far so good. For awhile, you could forget your daily stress and tired, to re-boost your energy while living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying the beauties creation of nature.

Travel tips:

  • The distance from Hanoi to Mai Chau is approximately 120 km, we took 3 hours more to reach Maichau. The road was smooth and good with beautiful open roads in some really scenic countryside, especially when you get into the mountains. We start at Tran Duy Hung road then go straight ahead to Thang Long Avenue, drive to Hoa Lac intersection then turn left to reach Xuan Mai.
  • It is hard for a day trip to Maichau. You should spend at least 2 days here, to relax and to enjoy the beautiful landscape of this valley.
  • You could have a stop at Thung Khe Pass (so-called White Rock pass due to the brightly white color) for the spectacular view of Mai Chau valley and taste some local food at this stop point (com lam, corn, fried-egg, sugar-cane… ) It’s cheap, natural with no pesticides, and most important, it’s extremely delicious.
  • Many resorts and lodges in the area offer the finest of luxury dining options. Mai Chau Ecolodge also offers a taste of the authentic with its strictly White Thai menu and home-cooked style in a beautiful, 4-star resort setting.

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