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Lac Village

Lac village in Mai Chau district of Hoa Binh province. It's become a great destination for anyone seeking tranquility away from urban luxuries. Here the atmosphere is rich, culture is more and more attractive than ever. A lively gateway to the highlands of the Northwest.

How Lac village is unique?

Many people call that the Lac is a tourist center of Mai Chau district. Because of the beautiful scenery and the great things it offers, it satisfies travelers with their own names. So gradually it becomes a certain point to arrive at Peace.Only about 140km away from the lavish city of Hanoi, this is a good way to travel for a weekend trip. Here you are like to find your true feelings, to live yourself with peace and quiet quiet space of the forest scene. These days are the days of enjoying, experiencing and discovering many new things, especially the culture of the upland people.

Lac attracts tourists by its own beauty, beautiful from the road leading to the village. It is the road that connects Mai Chau Town and Ban Lac. Specially driving on this road that goes through the Cun Slope, a steep, winding, and dangerous little rider driver. But when one conquers the top of the slope, everyone must nod in front of the majestic landscape filled with its poetry. Also the clouds silently ignoring the vision that brings the illusion in the eyes of visitors.

Going deep inside the next pass to the Thung Khe Pass. Where is the blue lake of the rice fields together with the small houses by the road. You will enjoy the slow pace of life, a village of ethnic Thai living. Their main occupation is to make slash and weave brocade.

Take a walk around the village. You will realize that this is a very civilized village when there is no action to attract tourists here. It is also a big plus for the Lac to become a tourist center.

There are also booths selling or renting traditional ethnic clothing of the people here with scarves. Thai spread skirts and their familiar items. Such as bow, crossbow, bamboo flute, gong and jail...

After a tiring day and discover the simple things here. You come to the warm dinner of the Thai people, warm wine cups to sip the unique dishes of the owner. Such as chicken honeysuckle, steamed fish, bitter shoots, sticky rice, ... will not disappoint you.

After enjoy delicious food. The art team of the village will serve the tourists with the Thai spread dance. It's very colorful umbrellas with cultural values ​​of the villagers. It will be more surprising to know about the artists who are dedicated to the art are the hard-working day-people in the fields.

Not only that, in Lac village is also in favor of activities. Like camping, singing and playing in the camp fire. Come here definitely not miss a warm evening together to participate in exchanges, jump booths and swaying the flow of the flowers of the same indigenous people here. An experience that can make you laugh all day when you think about it.

At the Lac, the security is very good so travelers almost do not have to worry about luggage or care too careful. The stilt house, the room is still open until late at night so that visitors can spoil the taste of hot smoke and the moon after the evening with the fresh air of the place.

It will be a mistake to come to the Lac market to skip your early morning market. Not when the cold of the early morning in the air with the purchase of the seller. Sure that will create a perfect scene for a new day full of energy.

You can also rent a bike to go to the bazaar in the air, get yourself some beautiful things as a beautiful memory here.

In the Lac village is always a sure thing for tourists that it always makes everyone happy for peace and tranquility by the sincerity of both local people and nature.

How to go to Lac village?

There are many different way to go to La village. Pls click here for detailed how to get to Lac village in Mai Chau.

Sightseeing in around Lac village

The nature is favorable, the environment in Mai Chau is very beautiful, with majestic mountains, protected forest cover is always kept green. In addition, Mai Chau valley has been famous for its monuments, scenic spots. Such as Khoai cave, Lang cave, Chieu cave, Suoi cave, Pom Coong village, Mai Chau Ecolodge, Hang Kia...

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